MNTC Tourism

When the Manila North Tollways Corporation undertook the massive task of redeveloping the entire length of the North Luzon Expressway, other bigger things were forthcoming. That’s because the shortened travel time and safer and infinitely smoother travel that the new road system made possible had far reaching positive effects. It opened floodgates of opportunities for reshaping the economic landscape of northern Philippines.

Now, it is slowly taking shape. And it can be summed up in one word: tourism. By its own sense of destiny, the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), with the North Philippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB) is working extra hard to see through the realization of these possibilities.

This newfound benefit brought on by the redevelopment of the NLEX form a good part of the basis for the promotion of tourism in Northern Philippines.

Hence, the two launched the Rediscover the North campaign.

The campaign is set to pave the roads en route to places that have not been developed to their full tourism potential in the past.

The North Made Closer Via the NLEX

The Manila North Tollways Corporation was responsible for the rehabilitation of the new North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), now considered as the best-paved and most modern road system in the country.

Since its re-opening, the NLEX has made north more accessible than it ever was.


With this, events management groups and their benefactors will find staging their marketing events there more cost-efficient. Consider these: the areas’ accessibility via the NLEX will obviously not require any air or sea transport of materials needed to mount the event. People involved in the events will also just have to be transported via land vehicles. Audience potential is bigger as target audiences of these events will find it easier and less costly to witness and experience the events. The events will also reach untapped markets in the northern regions.

Economic Benefits

The MNTC and the NPVB foresee a potential boom in the economy in the north once tourism becomes far more viable.

An increase in tourism traffic will encourage more people to set up businesses that will complement the large scale tourism ventures. The grassroots populace will then be given more opportunities in terms of employment.

It will also encourage micro-entrepreneurship. Apart from these benefits, more will surely be discovered as a flourishing tourism industry can potentially help the growth of more industries.

North Philippines has never been this exciting. The best thing about it is, it’s only a drive away.


Tourism Communication along NLEX

NLEX is an effective medium for promoting tourism events, activities and destinations in the North. Through various tourism collaterals, it is hoped that more people would take interest and participate in these events, thereby increasing visitor travel to the region.

Tourism Communication along NLEX

Toll Banners are a great venue to promote events in the North. Highly visible, they are located in all entry and exit points along NLEX. There are a total of 111 toll banners.

Toll Booth Posters are located located in the toll booths. These posters are visible to motorists while upon while transacting with the toll teller. There are a total of 104 toll booth poster holders.

Toll Booth Posters

Canopy Billboards are a venue for promoting Northern destinations. Strategically located in 12 toll canopies along NLEX, each is 25 by 20 feet in size.

Canopy Billboards

Mini Billboards are a venue for promoting Northern destinations as well. These are smaller versions of the canopy billboard located in 5 Customer Service Centers along NLEX.

Mini Billboard

NLEX Events Bulletin Boards were MNTC’s recognition of the opportunity to help in tourism promotions in the North. MNTC initiated the construction of bulletin boards in major and strategic exits of the expressway for the announcement of forthcoming events and activities in the North.

NLEX Events Bulletin Board

It is a double-faced advertising structure 25 by 15 feet in size and mounted on a 15-foot concrete base. Each side is divided into four panels which correspond to the maximum number of event bulletins it can carry at any single time. They are located in the San Fernando, Angeles, Dau and Sta. Ines Exits.

Tourism Info Corners (TSFs & CSCs) can be found in five NLEX Customer Service Centers (Balintawak, Valenzuela, Tabang, Bocaue, San Fernando), five gas stations along NLEX (Petron Marilao, Petron Bocaue, Megacaltex, Total, Petron Lakeshore), and five Petron Stations in Metro Manila & South (Petron Makati Ave-Buendia, Petron Edsa-Arnaiz, Petron C5-McKinley, Petron Filinvest, Petron SLEX).

Information Corner

These are information corners strategically placed in high traffic areas where people can get tourism leaflets & maps to help them plan their vacation.

Tourism Leaflets, Brochures & the Festival Calendar are distributed along & outside NLEX. They feature exciting facts & trivia about Northern destinations & festivals.

Tourism Leaflets, Brochures and Festival Calendar

Northern Fiesta Campaign is a project undertaken in partnership with Smart & PLDT. The objectives of the campaign are to resurrect the FIESTA and make them worthy of local and foreign visitors and to bring more and more people to Northern Festivals. The campaign promotes at least one major festival once a month through toll banners, print advertisements and the events bulletin boards.

Northern Fiesta Campaign

MNTC’s participation in the Panagbenga 2010 was to show support for Baguio City as its partner in growth and development, to reiterate MNTC’s commitment to Tourism in the North, and to generate goodwill